Donations can take many forms

Most often donations come from individuals that want to help and simply write us a check. Such donations are deeply appreciated. Monies donated will be spent on food, medicines, upkeep and other items that are specifically needed to help our local shelter to run and provide a safe and friendly environment. Donations may also be made in the form of trusts, a memorial to a much missed pet, bequests, endowments and even as a mention in your will. Again, all donations are tax deductible.

Please make checks out to: Fairfield Bay Animal Protection League and mail to

PO Box 1460, Fairfield Bay, AR 72088

You can also take advantage of a program at Amazon that will send part of your purchase price to our shelter.  Click here at Amazon Smiles and a small portion will come back to the shelter at no cost to you!

  Click below to use Paypal or a credit card.   

Help us when you pay taxes :
If you pay property or real estate taxes in Van Buren County, AR, you can earmark a $10 voluntary payment to the Fairfield Bay Animal Shelter.  Deadline for paying is Oct. 15.  Please consider this eaasy option to help keep providing our shelter for Fairfield Bay!

You can also donate items that can be used in the shelter. Please call and ask what items are needed (such as dog/cat food, office supplies, leashes, etc).  They can tell you what supplies are low, by calling 501-884-6417.

If you just love animals and want to be around them, volunteers are always needed to walk dogs, groom both cats and dogs, socialize the animals, which helps them get used to other pets and people, or transport animals to and from the local vet. Fairfield Bay Shelter also hosts a Jr. Volunteer program for school aged children on specific days, contact the Manager for information (501-884-6417).

Thank you for your support of the Fairfield Bay Animal Protection League!


Please check out Fairfield Bay Hydrants for a Cause with proceeds to Fairfield Bay Animal Protection League:  CLICK HERE  

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